A Non-profit organization that works towards disseminating compassionate scientific practices to support people with neurodiverse needs.

Its mission is to practice and promote joyful and effective teaching-learning strategies to empower and enrich lives.

Acceptance, Respect and Compassion - A.R.C guided practice of scientific learning strategies creates a unique organization, enabling people achieve their potential.

Our Actions work towards meaningful outcomes for our children and families. We prioritize safety and value guided interventions.

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Team CRIA - First ones to transition from Onsite to Online Tele-education Covid support to more than 120 families per day


Neurodiversity simply suggests that there is no one ‘right’ way of thinking, learning, and behaving.

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Founder's Note

CRIA was born in 2006, on a day that a young neurodiverse man was refused an internship because he had difficulties in speech and communication. CRIA committed to bring international services and education to the Indian subcontinent using evidence-based practices to teach language and communication.

Today CRIA is a foundation that has taken up a mission to become the centre of excellence for training caregivers and teachers that serve children with neurodevelopmental difficulties.

CRIA commits to research and disseminate culturally relevant strategies to parents and professionals and lead the field for “Training the Trainers” in evidence-based practices to support children with autism and other developmental disorders ”

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