What we do
Intervention & Support Programs

Evidence based Interventions that are process-driven, child-centric for supporting social, communication and behavioural difficulties in children

Inclusion Bridge Programs

Embedding our teaching and learning moments in the natural environment and seamless transition and support towards inclusion in schools

Parent Training Programs

Individualized coaching with hands-on practice to parents. The focus is on empowering parents to guide the child's learning and support at home

Social Cognitive Programs

Unique, activity-based peer programs to develop social thinking skills to build and sustain friendships, relationships, and community contribution

Telehealth Services

Online services make intervention and guidance accessible to families anywhere in the world. The flexibility and continuity of support programs leads to improved results

Integrated Team Services

Consultants specializes in ABA based interventions, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy work collaboratively to provide the best care pathway for optimum results

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