Align your skills with your passion
Align your skills with your passion
Internship at CRIA
  • It is an extensive 4-week program which guides the interns' learning in step-by-step manner with complete support from the staff. Along with the direct observations they get access to 13 in-house shadow training modules. The modules and the observations come together and help interns develop an understanding of various neuro-developmental disorders; what is ABA; what is shadowing; and how the therapists work on the floor. We also introduce them to various tools that help in the diagnosis of the disorders.
  • The second week introduces them to the data taking methods. The week focuses on teaching them various measurement techniques and recording data during their direct observations. They learn why ABA is scientific, what are the principles of ABA and the techniques we use in ABA.
  • In the third week along with continuing direct observations of the sessions they apprehend how tools like ESDM, ABLLS and VB-MAPP are used and how the targets for children are decided.
  • The fourth week by far brings the most interesting aspect of the internship. It brings interns the opportunity to implement their learning by assisting the therapists in the session. It allows them to use their knowledge and learn how to shadow the children under direct supervision from the therapists. It gives them hands-on experience of the field they wish to be a part of.

Apart from this, the interns also learn how to develop teacher learning materials or TLMs and learn how to write observation reports.

Who can do this Internship?

  1. College students pursuing a course in education, psychology, sociology or related fields.
  2. Teachers who wish to work with special needs children
  3. Caregivers or relatives of special children
  4. Shadow Teachers

Students of Colleges interned at CRIA

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