What we do

Professional Education

CRIA foundation is Non- Profit Training and Certification Hub with the mission of making the latest evidence-based training and research space easily accessible and available for professionals, institutions and parents who would like to support children with Neurodiverse needs.

CRIA is establishing itself as a leader in Online, Physical and Hybrid certification courses, delivered through state of the art learning platforms.

CRIA is thus opening its doors to become a Knowledge Skill Partner (KSP) for anybody sharing the mission and vision to support Neurodiverse Education.

The self paced skilling and upskilling professional courses give access to theory, practicum and video libraries that lead to effective professional practice.

Why train with us

  1. Goals are child centric focused on Joyful learning
  2. Scientific pedagogy and data driven methods
  3. Experienced and certified faculty
  4. Focus on Applied skills used  in natural environment
  5. Uses Behavior Skill Training Approach with active role-playing and feedback
  6. Individualized to each person we teach
  7. Continuum of upskilling pathways is available

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