Our Mission

Actions guided by "A. R. C." - Acceptance, Respect and Compassion lead to meaningful outcomes. We prioritize values along with scientific practices.

  • Our care pathways listen, understand, guide, and shape. We prioritize safety and joyful connections with our learners
  • We work on closing the gaps in intervention quality. The focus is on empowering parents, upskilling educators and providing access to therapy.
  • We have run intervention centres and school based bridge programs for over a decade and our children have successfully integrated into regular schools.

CRIA is committed to acting in the direction of self-awareness, improvement, transparency, accountability and protecting the rights of those we serve.

  • Each child is unique and has his own learning style.
  • Scientific evidence-based strategies are effective in saving resources- time, effort and money.
  • Parents and Professionals working as a team, collaborate and celebrate the baby steps we take every day.


CRIA strives to be a Centre of Excellence, an epicentre for compassionate evidence-based practices in Training, Research and Services to support Neuro-diverse education.


Our mission is dissemination of compassionate scientific services to children with Neurodiverse needs with a focus on scientific, strength-based interventions


To create learning platform in local language and culturally relevant context for parents, professionals and institutions

Care Pathways

To provide on-site and digital support to organizations, schools, and hospitals to optimize care pathways for Neurodiverse population using evidence-based systems and strategies

Creating Resource pools

To exponentially double the number of super specialized professionals trained to support children with neurodiverse needs every year


Our vision is to empower each child to reach their maximum potential by providing the highest quality services to families and children. We accomplish this by delivering evidence based treatment practices to lead independent, productive and rewarding lives as adults.


Our values guide us to provide educational support with a focus on Acceptance, Respect and Compassion to all.

Value based Practice -A. R. C.

Acceptance, Respect, Compassion guided Approach to Evidence based Intervention

  • Compassionate Science is culturally sensitive and relevant to families with neurodiverse needs.
  • It is a highly individualized, child friendly, holistic approach focused on Acceptance, Respect and Compassion in which interventionists employ a structured yet flexible approach to behavior change.
  • All efforts are in sync and responsive to the individual’s progress.

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